Is summer coming to Ponte a Serraglio?

After weeks of rain some fine weather has finally arrived! Ponte a Serraglio is looking gorgeous.


I hope to visit lots of the other villages that make up Bagni di Lucca soon.

14 thoughts on “Is summer coming to Ponte a Serraglio?

  1. Hi Debra thank you for the great photos. I always look forward to your photos and information that you post about Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding Paesi. I was born in Pieve di Controni but l have been gone a life time and it has been years since l been back.. I miss it to is a special place. Thank you for what you do and l hope we can meet someday iat the bridge. Joe.

  2. Hello Debra. I’m new to the blog. As you’ve lived here a while, what’s your honest view on moving to Bagni di lucca with a toddler from UK?

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