My first sit down coffee

For the first time since 10th March I was able to sit down at Bar Italia to enjoy a coffee and sfoglia with a friend for breakfast.

It was dull day at Ponte a Serraglio, but that was no problem at all.

I forgot to photograph my sfoglia, but the rest is here. I can report that the bar is well organised with health concerns taken care of. We sat outside and there was lots of space between tables.




The geraniums are enjoying the rain and are growing. It is great to be able to visit Ponte a Serraglio!

The opening begins. Let’s hope it continues!


18 thoughts on “My first sit down coffee

  1. It is so good to see that Bar Italia is open again. We cannot wait to be back in our beloved Montefegatesi and travel down the mountain to have our first sfoglia e riso and coffee of 2020. Thank you for keeping us updated with your posts.

  2. Debra this is so exciting. Yes it will be some time still before we will be able to travel from SA. However when we do it will feel like for the first time . Looking forward to a coffee at Bar Italia

  3. Once you have the choice to go out or not, as you please, life takes on a different feel doesn’t it. It mist have felt lovely to sit and share coffee – and sfoglia.

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