A good news story

The people who run and work at the Auser Bagni di Lucca in Ponte a Serraglio are no longer at work in the shops, so they have redirected their energies into making masks. Many are made from wonderful linen sheets donated by generous people.

They are not meant to offer total protection from Covid 19, but anything that helps even a little is welcome. They can be washed and reused.

They are being distributed to those who want them with the delivery of food.

We need good news stories. Now is not the time to spread conspiracy theories and silly supposed protections and remedies. Take advice from doctors, professionals and official directives.  Unfortunately the internet is full of rubbish. 

I am at our remote house in Garfagnana for the duration of the lockdown. I really miss my morning coffee and sfoglia at Bar Italia. Let’s hope life can go back to normal soon.


7 thoughts on “A good news story

  1. Unfortunately, a few of us don’t speak Italian, how do we find out about food deliveries etc, and what else is going on and where to go? Any advice from anyone would be most welcome.

  2. I just love the Italian people, very brave, loving, caring. I wish the whole world was like them. Can’t wait till the crisis is over so we can return to Italy 🇮🇹 ASAP – love you all 😍

    Adoro il popolo italiano, molto coraggioso, amorevole, premuroso. Vorrei che tutto il mondo fosse come loro. Non vedo l’ora che finisca la crisi, così possiamo tornare in Italia 🇮🇹 APPENA POSSIBILE

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  3. That morning coffee and sforglia will be something to look forward to once the lock down is over. You are in an ideal place at the moment.

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