A difficult time

I put the pansies on the bridge in Ponte a Serraglio. earlier this week. I felt a bit like a criminal being outside when we are supposed to stay inside our homes. I thought it might cheer up our lovely village just a bit.

I am hoping that by the time they grow ( like these from a couple of years ago) in a few weeks this awful virus will have subsided somewhat and people can slowly return to normal life.

An Italian friend who has lived in Ponte a Serraglio for most of her life has told me she is proud of the way the people of Bagni di Lucca have responded to the lock down.

People are staying in their homes as much as possible. At least one local supermarket is making deliveries to all of the villages of Bagni di Lucca. A restaurant is cooking and delivering food to those who need it. The pharmacy at Ponte a Serraglio has an excellent system of serving customers while making sure there is safe contact. 

If everyone plays their part to be safe and there is an improvement with the spread of the virus maybe the lock down will not need to be extended…let’s hope the effort is worthwhile.

16 thoughts on “A difficult time

  1. Wishing you and the citizens of Bagni di Lucca all the best at this difficult time. Can’t wait to get back there.

  2. I am glad to hear about what is happening in Bagni di Lucca. I was hoping that your village was ok. The pansies look amazing with that stunning backdrop.

    • The pansies will be there until sometime in May when I replace them with geraniums for the summer. Bagni di Lucca will be fine. I hope things return to normal soon. I want to go back to my coffee and sfoglia at Bar Italia in the morning.

  3. Beautiful flowers, Debra, Ponte a Serraglio need beauty and colours in this difficult time. I hope we ‘ll meet again in april in better times. Carla Michelotti

  4. Ciao Debra, Ah, we did at least get to meet this trip! I came by Bar Italia, but, it was last Tuesday, the first day of the shutdown. Nothing was really shutdown yet, but, people were quickly adapting to a new order. Everyone staying separate from each other, the queue outside the farmacia. Thank you for keeping us on the outside informed, and those on the inside cheery. Know that we never knew who did the pansies, but always loved and admired them! Here are my pics from the carnevale in Fornoli: https://photos.lodge.org/carnevale-fornoli-2020, and… like so many others I’ve started a blog – https://eatalianos.com – helping others find their Italy.

    • I have been doing the flowers for about 10 years. The pansies will come out in May and be replaces with geraniums. The bridge would look empty without the flowers.
      I have signed up for your blog. I look forward to reading about your impressions.

  5. Oh, how uplifting and positive your post is!!! I LOVE Italy (especially Tuscany) and it breaks my heart that it’s effected so badly. I’m glad to hear your town has come together and everyone is doing their part in ending this pandemic. Bagni di Lucca (thanks to your blog) is on my list of places to visit and that beautiful bridge is one I would one day love to see!

  6. The bridge and your apartment look beautiful. Just as usual. You do a tremendous job!
    Let’s hope that this nightmare will soon finish!

  7. It was so good to read your message and know that everyone is looking after each other at this horrible time. We are disappointed that we can’t come back to Bagni di Lucca at the end of the month as planned and look forward to returning as soon as possible.
    The pansies are glorious 😀
    Linda and Geoff (La Ville)

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