Rural Bagni di Lucca

I love to see traditions continue in Bagni di Lucca. It is great to see a shepherd bringing the goats down from their grazing. It was excellent to see a young shepherd. I hope this means the old ways will go on.

A little further along the road from Monti di Villa I spotted some healthy looking cattle grazing.


You never know what you will see as you drive between the villages.

10 thoughts on “Rural Bagni di Lucca

  1. My parents were born, lived and married in Riolo, I still have their home and visit annually. I also have friends here in the Chicago area who were born in Monte Fegatesi.
    I’m an American veteran, yet my blood is still Italian.

    Love your articles.
    Thank you

    • Hi Mario… I think of your parents often and remember fondly the life-long friendship with my parents. I hope you post some pictures of your visit on Riolo’s homepage on Facebook. So glad you’re maintaining the Prosperi house, sadly my mom sold ours many years ago. Happy memories of my childhood in Riolo will be with me forever.
      Hope you, your family, and brother are well.
      Wilma Lucchesi Witt

  2. Wilma,

    It was so nice to hear from you. You refer to a Riola homepage. I’m not sure I’m familiar with that specific site. But, if you want to reach out to me I can email you an update on my visits to Riolo.

  3. Deb
    Love seeing your photos of Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding villages. My grandfather was born in Monti di Villa, and every childhood story and tale of folklore he told us as children comes to life in these images of goat paths, bridges, chestnut trees, and rural living. I hope to return to the area soon.
    Carrie Lenard (surname Lena))

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