Demidoff Chapel

Russian prince Nicolai Demidoff donated a hospital to Bagni di Lucca to enable the people of the town to benefit from the thermal waters. It was built in 1825.

He also commissioned the tiny chapel across the stream from the hospital. The Demidoff chapel was designed by Giacomo Marrucci and was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.




There was originally a wooden bridge across to the chapel, but it was destroyed by a flood in 1836. The current stone bridge was built soon after by the son of the prince and designed by Giuseppe Pardini.

Demidoff chapel

Demidoff chapel

The little chapel looks stunning in any season, but particularly when covered with snow.

Demidoff chapel

Here is an early photo of the chapel, before the surrounding trees had grown.

Demidoff chapel

The hospital is now Villagio Globale, a popular place for those wishing to enjoy the thermal waters. You will find Villagio Globale and the chapel in Ponte a Serraglio, on the road towards Granaiola.

12 thoughts on “Demidoff Chapel

  1. It is a little jewel. A magnificent gift from Prince Demidoff, a great benefactor. Bagni di Lucca needs more like him.

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