The other white flowers

At around the same time, or just after the acacia flowers bloom, come the white or cream clusters of flowers on the sambuca trees.

The tree is also known as elder or elderberry. The flowers can be used to make cordial, syrup, liqueur or jam. The essence of the flowers is sometimes added to Sambuca, the Italian anise flavoured liqueur. They can also be cooked and eaten. The flowers are followed by black, blue black or red berries.



15 thoughts on “The other white flowers

  1. They are very pretty trees belonging to the Sambucus genus. The one that grows so widely in Italy is Sambucus nigra. It has been widely used in folk medicine; however, fruits and flowers may be toxic if they are not previously cooked…

  2. I love using elderberry cordial with soda water and ice for a refreshing Summer drink. But, I’ve never seen an elderberry tree; so, it was lovely to see pictures of the gorgeous flowering tree.

  3. Memories…Another use for the Sambuca..The core of the branches is soft and easily hallowed out..With this feature my grandfather,Orlando Ricci,taught me how to make popguns..

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