Then and now…the school

The school beside the road between Ponte a Serraglio and La Villa used to be so full some students had to move to the Boy Scout (now Red Cross) building opposite.

Old school Bagni di Lucca

Now it is derelict…another building that needs some love.

School Bagni di Lucca

School Bagni di Lucca

School Bagni di Lucca

School Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca has lots of unloved buildings. I think is one could be turned into apartments. There is room for a garden at the back on the edge of the river…any takers?

13 thoughts on “Then and now…the school

  1. Yes it is an impressive building. I look at it every time we walk past and think what a waste. The same applies to the building closer to Ponte which was to be developed into apartments but now sits there…waiting. Hope to catch up in early March.

  2. Such a grand-looking building in an idyllic setting and such a shame to see it not being occupied. I hope it’ll be given a big breath of life by a restorer or even a group of restorers….think of the amazing history one can dig up there!

  3. Nowadays, both primary and secondary schools are located in La Villa, near the swimming pool. The buildings follow all the latest anti seismic regulations, so they are safe and secure. I understand that there was not enough space in the old school and no possibilities to expand it. Also, its location would have caused too many traffic jams on a busy road.
    Still, the building could be used for other purposes, although renovation costs will be very high….

  4. Old school buildings always look as if they have many stories to tell. It’s sad to see these old buildings falling into disrepair. I love the gates.

  5. My mother meets up with her old friends regularly in Bagni di Lucca, where she usually spends time in the Summer. Actually we own a very old house in Guzzano from my father’s side of the family, although she’s from Bagni di Lucca. I’m going to ask her a little bit next time I talked to her, I’m not even sure that’s the school, but I heard something about it.

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