Dirty rotten scoundrels

The beautiful Lima River runs through the middle of Bagni di Lucca. The water is clear and cold and home to trout and water birds. Lately it is also home to water sports, rafting, canoeing, canyoning as well as the usual swimming and fishing. These activities bring lots of visitors to Bagni di Lucca.

Local photographer Paolo Roverani took this gorgeous photo recently.

Paolo Roverani photo of Lima River

On Monday this is what the same scene looked like.

Paolo Roverani photo of Lima River

Somebody has been dumping filth into the river, usually on a Monday. The police have been notified but there are no results yet. How anyone could do this is beyond me, there must be alternative! This is just lazy and irresponsible.

Sombody must know who is doing this…step forward and rat on them. The river will thank you.

Click here to see some of the activities on the river.

23 thoughts on “Dirty rotten scoundrels

  1. Dirt rotten scoundrels is a bit tame to describe the pollution, especially for an Aussie !! Was there a fish / invertebrate kill. I really hope not. The polluter must be caught and severely punished. I have seen this too often both first hand in the UK and on TV in other parts of the world. Polluters must not be allowed to get away with it. I hope to do a bit of fishing during our stay in Bagni but my wife does not know it yet! I will smuggle my rod in the boot of the car hidden out of sight.

    • I think there were some dead fish. The river flows quickly, but this is no excuse for dumping filth into the water.
      Good luck with your fishing. You need a permit, but I think they are easy to obtain.

  2. Unfortunately this is not something new or incidental. People dump all sorts of things in places that should be protected and seem to have no respect or understanding of the fragile environment. And the poor Lima river is no exception. Those who use the river for their leisure, leave a trail of plastic bags, cans, bottles, steal the rope we installed to help people go down the river and fish small trouts well under the prescribed size. I have seen it all from our home…

    • Unfortunately that is true. I’ve been out in the middle of the chestnut forest behind Benabbio and found rusted out washing machines and all sorts of large discarded items. If they take the time to load it up and dump it into the middle of the forest, what makes it so difficult to just take it to the proper disposal place instead of in the middle of nature? I’m afraid I will never understand people like that.

      • I often see people on the bridge below our apartment throwing rubbish into the river. I want to scream at them. They also throw things out of car windows while waiting at the traffic lights. I have been known to hand back the rubbish and ask if they have dropped something.

  3. Very discouraging to see a lack of respect for the beauty of the area and the gorgeous nature that surrounds us. We are constantly picking up trash on our property that people just throw out of their car windows but dumping filth into the Lima is inexcusable. The powers that be around here are falling down on the job.

  4. How do you think this is being put into the river? If we all keep our eyes open we will have a better chance to find out who is doing this, but what are we looking for? A lorry, or someone living close to the river? This has to be stopped!!!

    • It usually happens on a Monday, when these people think there will be nobody around. I think it is being dumped on the site where rafters set off. There aren’t too many places along the river with access for a vehicle.
      I don’t know how it is being done, but you are correct, if there are lots of people keeping and eye on the river, they may be caught. If they are aware that there are lots of people watching it might be enough to stop them doing it.

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