Birds of Bagni di Lucca

These gorgeous birds were spotted by a friend in their vineyard recently…not these 2, the photo is courtesy of Google, but a pair just like them.

Bee eaters

Have you seen some interesting birds in Bagni di Lucca or nearby? If so, send me photos and I will put them on the blog. It would be fun to see which birds we have here.

I have heard woodpeckers, but I don’t see them. We have swallows and swifts on the river, but they are a bit difficult to capture on film.

Send any photos to

10 thoughts on “Birds of Bagni di Lucca

  1. I can offer you golden orioles, green woodpeckers (interestingly, they are most often seen on the grass rooting for insects rather than up trees being proper woodpeckers), buzzards (we found a drowned young one in our pool one morning – didn’t look where he was diving!) plenty of pied wagtails, jackdaws, blackcaps and assorted ellbeebees (l b b – little brown bird).

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