I Caduti

Most of the villages in Bagni di Lucca have monuments to fallen soldiers from WWI and WWII.

Ponte a Serraglio is no exception.

I Caduti Ponte a Serraglio

I think the statue is very stylish. It looks a bit Art Deco to me. What do you think?

I Caduti Ponte a Serraglio

I Caduti Ponte a Serraglio

13 thoughts on “I Caduti

  1. With all these artist around in BDL I would love some of them to make some more permanent public art pieces. Perth is full of them and they look great.

  2. It is very beautiful. I think it achieves the aim of inspiring sombre contemplation in those who stand before it. I wonder what the little figure in the left hand represents.

  3. Has anyone noticed the old water feature by the side of villa fiori? At the side is a beautiful stone foot, all that is left of a once lovely statue.

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