Then and now…the church at Ponte a Serraglio

The church at Ponte a Serraglio was built in 1544. It has been remodelled a few times.

Here it is in 1910.

Ponte a Serraglio church

…and 1922.

Church Ponte a Serraglio

…and after the last restoration.

imageHere it is now.

Ponte a Serraglio church

The interior is quite pretty.

The church is very well kept by a group of volunteers and is often adorned with flowers…poke your head in if you are nearby. It is a short walk from the bridge on the opposite side of the river from the piazza.

23 thoughts on “Then and now…the church at Ponte a Serraglio

  1. It is a beautiful church and I always attend Mass there on Saturday evening. Although San Pietro in Corsena is older, I prefer this one, because it has more light. It contains some masterpieces, including a Turrini organ, that you show in your photographs, which is one of the finest instruments in the area. From time to time, there are concerts organized, which are worth attending.
    I understand that in the early 1900’s the church suffered some damage and this is why it was restored. The bell tower was left as it was in the 1700’s. Jean Varraud, the former owner of Villa Fiori and the thermal baths made important contributions for the restoration of the church, which became an autonomous parish in the 1660’s, independent from San Pietro in Corsena, which was the sole parish at the time.m
    The church is open most of the time, thanks to the work of the volunteers. Everyone is welcome.

    • I am sure the doors will be open. If you go at 6.00pm on Saturday there should be a service.
      I will be in Ponte that week. Perhaps I will see you at Il Monaco. I am there most mornings for coffee.

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