Yoga Retreat Day

Joann Connington, renowned yoga teacher, in conjunction with Tuscany Arts and Healing, is conducting a Yoga Retreat Day on Saturday 24th October, at I Romiti, in Fabriche di Vallico.

Yoga Retreat Day

Yoga Retreat Day

The autumn fires will be lit and a delicious autumn themed lunch will be served.

The Yoga Retreat Day will be conducted in English and offer a gentle flow of postures with consistent attention to the breath.

The emphasis in the morning will be on more dynamic postures that provide a strong foundation for the day. In the afternoon the focus will be on restful and restorative poses that will relax the body and still the mind. The day will finish with a short meditation.

Yoga retreat day

The cost for the day is €75, inclusive of yoga instruction, props, lunch, and all refreshments.

For more information please look at

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12 thoughts on “Yoga Retreat Day

  1. Yoga knowledge is a very useful tool in our lives. It sounds silly, but we do not know how to breathe properly until a yoga instructor teaches us.

  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments! We are indeed looking forward to a restorative and relaxing day (with freshly-prepared lunch!) at I Romiti. It is a stunning setting and I think that the weather is set fair and sunny for next Saturday too. Yes, it is important to choose a style of yoga that suits you and some are more vigorous than others. Our retreat is Hatha Yoga with a focus on the breath and a gentle flow of postures. The aim is relaxation. Thank you, Debra, for your excellent blog!

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