18th July 1944

There is a beautiful, if somewhat neglected, building in Ponte a Serraglio. It was at one time the Hotel de Russie. The building was designed by Giuseppe Pardini and built in 1838.  It is now apartments.

Hotel de Russia Ponte a Serraglio

On the side of the building is a plaque stating that 13 partisans were held in the building during WWII when the building became Nazi headquarters.

Plaque at Ponte a Serraglio

The men were shot on 18th July 1944. There is a memorial in the cemetery in Ponte a Serraglio.

Memorial for murdered soldiers

Memorial for murdered soldiers

Behind the memorial is a narrow path. At the back of the memorial is another one.

Memorial for murdered soldiers

Memorial for murdered soldiers

I found these names on small plaques on the wall.

Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial Murdered soldier memorial

Murdered soldier memorial

What a sad and lonely place it is, reflecting the misery and futility of war.

26 thoughts on “18th July 1944

  1. Those poor men, besides being brutally executed, were previously imprisoned and tortured in the building. I always get an eerie feeling when I go past it on my way to church. May they rest in peace.

  2. But you know these men would have died with courage and with great strength, without the partisan movement the Allies would have had a much harder job, whilst I take into account what happened to them, I know that their courage, strength, belief and hatred of the Nazi would have been enough to see them through. These and others alike won the war and their bravery has not fallen on shallow ground. I am a medium and I am currently writing a book about a small cell of partisans that operated in the Apennines, and I am finding the pathway to completing this book extremely interesting. Please don’t feel eerie when you pass, feel thankful and proud of the part that these brave people played, because given the same task I am sure each and everyone of them would do the same again. cx

  3. I know the memorial in Val fegana and will get a photo of it. I feel that everyone should know that civil war raged in Italy for several years Just as it’s raging now in Syria – a sad reflection of the world we live in.

  4. I remember walking by that beautiful building. When you think of what happened to Ponte a Serraglio during the war, it is wonderful that the building is still standing.

  5. There were clearly a number of summary executions carried out by the germans against valiant and heroic Italian freedom fighters. There must be a lot of painful memories still lingering amongst the Italians. We who in our lives have never suffered as they did,
    should remember the horrors that others who were less fortunate were forced to endure.

  6. Once an allie (Hitler/Mussolini), than Italy was an ennemy of the German Army, better to say of the Nazies.
    Who were the executers ? And who was helpfull to them ?
    Nobody is punished, nor the Nazies, nor the local facistic people who were helpfull to them. That is a shame. After the Neurenberger Proces, on behalf of the USA, even Germany punished, after e lot of years, a few ,more a less forgotten, war criminals.
    Italy should be in shame, also nowadays !

  7. It must have been difficult for the Italians to begin under the leadership of Mussolini and hence united with Germany, and then to take the opposite stand and defend their country as freedom fighters against Nazi Germany. Who could you trust?

  8. My uncle was captured by the Germans but managed to escape and hide for months and ‘made it’. Those that were captured with him were shot and in that cemetery. Lot’s of history Debra. Amazingly you are doing wonders to keep Bagni di Lucca on the map. Grazie.

  9. That’s very interesting Deb. The top floor apartment was recently for sale (it may still be?). We thought about it, but decided to look elsewhere, close to Bagni. I’m glad we did. Too much sadness there..

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