Alberigi…for your outdoor stuff

There is a great shop at Chifenti where you can buy all kinds of great things for your garden. They also sell pizza ovens, pellets for your heater and lots of other things.

Alberigi Marco

I spotted these wonderful old water pipes and thought they would look good in the garden at Casa Debbio, but someone had beaten me to them…I should call in more often.


We bought a lovely travertine garden table and bench seats at Alberigi.  They also have tiled tables, outdoor paving and some great old things that he finds. I’m sure you will find something you can’t live without here.

Via del Piano 6,


Phone…(39) 0583 895585


10 thoughts on “Alberigi…for your outdoor stuff

  1. Alberigi Marco Store also sells a wide selection of indoor material as well as the gorgeous photos of outdoor stuff Debra is showing us. We bought from them a kitchen sink and kitchen countertop (“piano cottura”) both made from stone quarried from a mountain near nearby Cardoso (“pietra cardoso”), Tuscan-style clay “cotto” floor tiles, plus stone veneer for our kitchen wall for our Riolo house. And also had the lowest price among three bidders. There is also a plumbing fixture manufacturer in nearby Viareggio (Rubinetterie Toscane Ponsi S.p.A.) Point being one can source a decent amount of building material from somewhere in either Lucca provincia or the Toscana regione if one is so inclined.

  2. I love Alberigi Marco!!! We call it Alladdin’s Cave. Bought a lovely outside tiled iron table and chairs and a cute clay candle pot there. I’ve yearned for one of their old style quaint wells and a rustic carved out stone bowl but really don’t have a need or a spot for them.

  3. Love the look of the old pipes, lots of character. What a shame you missed out on getting them. Never mind, you may see something similar somewhere else…

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