Road work for a reason

Roads are being resurfaced all over Italy, including Bagni di Lucca.

Road works for Giro ItaliaRoad works for the Giro d'ItaliaRoad works for Giro d'Italia

…the reason? Giro d’Italia is about to happen. The 98th running of the road race will begin in San Lorenzo al Mare on May 9th and conclude in Milan on June 1st.

Giro d'Italia route

Most importantly, on May 13th the race will come through Bagni di Lucca on its way from La Spezia to Abetone, and it will go right past my balcony in Ponte a Serraglio.

Giro d'Italia route 2015

Whether it will match the excitement of the race between Mao and Collodi is a matter for discussion.

Bike race in Ponte a Serraglio

Bike race in Ponte a SerraglioBike race in Ponte a SerraglioClick here for more on this exciting sporting event.

A few days later the cars in the Mille Miglia will go by in the afternoon ( at 16.31 according to the programme)  of 16th May on their way from Rome to Parma, on the third day of the race.

Mille Miglia route

The magnificent Mille Miglia began in 1927. Beautiful old cars follow a beautiful route through Italy. I saw some of the cars in Florence a few years ago.

Mille Miglia in Florence

Mille Miglia in Florence

Just as well we had the balcony upgraded last year, there may be a few people gathered there soon.

25 thoughts on “Road work for a reason

  1. Looking forward to watching from our loggia. It seems that the Giro is doing a sprint stage to end in Ponte. I didn`t know about the Mille Miglia. That`s a bonus. (It`s a shame that they couldn`t have went just a little further to where the really bad parts of the road are!)

  2. Both of these events would see Jim vying for front row seat on your balcony Deb….hope you all have a wonderful couple of days. We llook forward to the blog on the events.

  3. Sounds like standing room only on your balcony. What a visual and cultural treat – especially the vintage cars. I think that sums up the timeless charm of Italy to those of us who admire it so much, some slightly dodgy roads are left in a slightly dodgy state until…….they get resurfaced for a car race! Italy, fantastic, no place like it the world.

  4. I will be coming back to Bagni for the Giro. As far as I can tell this is the only time this will happen in my lifetime.

    Osvaldo Barsi
    Maryland USA

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