Don’t go there!

Road works are being carried out between Ponte a Serraglio and La Villa. Old water pipes are being replaced…a necessary thing.

We have a multitude of signs in the piazza at Ponte a Serraglio to let us know where we can go. The road has been reduced to one way, going towards La Villa.

Road signs Ponte a SerraglioAt some times the road is blocked completely.road signs Ponte a Serraglio

The other night, a car coming from La Villa ignored the sign and drove through. By the time he got to Ponte there was a line of cars in his way. There was nothing for him to do but reverse all the way to La Villa.

You have to laugh.

You also have to feel for the road workers who have to cope with the coming and going of cars, people and dogs.

road works Ponte a Serraglio

road works Ppnte a Serraglio

road works Ponte a Serraglio

road works Ponte a Serraglio

All of a sudden it seemed to be over and all the men and equipment left.

Ponte a Serraglio

…I am expecting a return.

15 thoughts on “Don’t go there!

  1. I can visualize the guy wo disobeyed the signs…. Probably there will be others…. You have to laugh! Those works are necessary and the inconvenience will not last very long. And the results will be enjoyed by all!

      • We just happened to be watching at the time and we all enjoyed the spectacle. People jumped out of cars, there was yelling and arm waving and then they all got back in their cars and the man at fault reversed his car. It is quite a long way to La Villa, I hope he is better at reversing than I am.

  2. I am hoping they delay their return until after today, my first visit of the year to Il Monaco for a delicious pastry. By the way, thank you for your blog about cappuccino senza schuma (not sure I’ve spelt that correctly), now I have the pronunciation correct, I am enjoying frothless coffee!

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