Sad news at Ponte a Serraglio

The news Kiosk at Ponte a Serraglio is a very important part of our little community. Olga, who owns it, is a delight. She is always smiling and has been a great help to visitors to our village.

I sadly have to report that she is leaving soon. The kiosk is for sale and it will close next week. I really hope that Olga is able to sell the business. We need it at Ponte. Is there anyone out there who would like to buy the kiosk??

Here is Olga when she took over the business a couple of years ago.

News kiosk Ponte a Serraglio

This is last week. It is great to see Graziano as well. He has been very unwell and it is good to see him back on track.

News kiosk Ponte a Serraglio

Good luck Olga on the next stage of your life. We will miss you at Ponte.

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18 thoughts on “Sad news at Ponte a Serraglio

      • Having bought a house in Ponte a Serraglio earlier this year and managed three trips over from Scotland, we were just getting to know Olga. We relied on her for bus tickets, bus times and banter. Could the kiosk be bought and run by the ‘Comunata Locale’ ?

      • It would be possible for the comune to run the business, but highly unlikely. It would be better if a private individual bought it. I hope somebody does.

  1. What a pity, I got along with her great we even borrowed smokes of each other. I hope she does not leave our village forever as she is a great character. I also hope the kiosk remains a business as its just belongs there. The last thing we need now is more businesses closing their doors in PDS. Us local expats should support these small enterprises more by buying from them. I plan to buy as much as I can from the small shops when I start living there soon. Bring back the barber shop also.

  2. I remember the news when Olga took over the kiosk Deb… and how pleased you were. That’s a shame she’s leaving. These places are the touch stones of a small community like yours.

      • Ooh yes, I remember the grouchy ones! It was so good to come back and see a friendly face! What a pity she is selling up. Hope she stays around so I can by her a drink and thank her for her efforts. In buco del lupo? I hear that means brake a leg? Anyway I wish her all the best and thanks.

  3. I really liked Olga when I was there. She was like a friend to me. Could you please tell her hello and good bye from me and wish her all the very best. Running il chiosco is very long days and hard work. She deserves a break.

  4. Very sorry to hear of Olga’s impending departure. A new owner is essential to Ponte people and the wider BDL community. We occasionally bought from Olga, and the previous owner.
    I am sure she knows what to do to achieve a quick sale, and has probably taken professional advice but, what a buyer will be interested in is the turnover and the net profit. If I were Olga
    I would’nt hold back, i’d be bold and advertise both at the front of the kiosk. That’ll get everyone’s attention, a quick sale and continuity. It could be ideal for a retired person or someone who already owns a similar business and is looking for more?

  5. Yes, sad news, indeed! I loved Olga – she was always so lovely and cheery, ready with a greeting and advice. She was a large part of Ponte life and will be sorely missed. I hope that whoever buys the little kiosk from Olga will be as lovely as she was. All the best, Olga, in your next venture. I’m glad to have known you while I was at Ponte a Serraglio. I will remember your lovely hugs. xx

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