Hit the target at Villa Ada

Sunday morning saw a colourful collection of archers in the lovely grounds of Villa Ada in La Villa. The annual crossbow competition took place under the trees. The possibility of showers kept a few people away, but the competitors carried on regardless.

Once the first round of competition was finished the cannon sounded and everyone was off to lunch.

Later in the afternoon the fun began again in the grounds of Villa Web.


It is worth taking a walk around the area even when it is not full of wonderfully dressed characters.

From Via Evangelina Whipple go through the gates leading to the swimming pool. The road is shaded by beautiful old trees.


There are some stone steps beside the road that need exploring…next time.



14 thoughts on “Hit the target at Villa Ada

  1. It is a great event and it keeps on growing every year. It is a pity that we had to miss it this time …

  2. It was a shame about the weather, there weren’t many people there in the afternoon and the rest of the activities in Bagni were cancelled. Does anybody know when they will be taking place?

  3. Those steps are enchanting! Not knowing where they lead is part of it. I’m sure it is worth investigating. Your photos are the next best thing to being there.

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