Once upon a time…

It is wonderful to look at old photos of Bagni di Lucca. I finally bought a copy of the book of old Bagni di Lucca postcards.


The book was put together by the Fondazione Michel de Montaigne. Most of the photos and illustrations are of Ponte a Serraglio and La Villa, but there are some of the other villages as well. Many of the scenes are recognisable and is fun to see the way things used to look.

This one is my favourite. Australia gets a mention.


This is just a small selection of postcards from the book and I took photos of the postcards, which is why they might look a bit wonky. You really need to buy the book to see the postcards at their best.

The book is €25 and all proceeds go to the renovation of the English cemetery. I bought my copy at the library in the English church in La Villa.

I missed the launch of the book earlier this year. Francis was there and you can read all about it at From London to Longoio.

9 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Hi, Debra! Let’s connect about your travel plans to the US this next year! Would love to see you and give you our place.

  2. It is a great book, we purchased one and we found an old photo of the mill taken from the other side of the river (Palmaia). The place was referred to as “Ponte Vecchio” as the old bridge stood on the side up to 1733, when it apparently collapsed and was replaced by the “Ponte Nuovo”, which the Nazis tried to blow up before retreating. They only caused minor damage, which was repaired and it is nowadays the bridge into La Villa. The “Ponte Vecchio was a narrow bridge, but then, there were no cars at the time… just the mules bringing chestnuts and wheat to the mill.

  3. I love old photos…they keep the history alive. I have an old photo that I bought in Italy of a horse and wagon filled high with straw wrapped wine bottles.

  4. What a fantastic book; thank you for sharing it with us.
    Its on my list to buy as soon as we next come over, and I will gladly part with the money which will then help to support the Cemetery. A beautiful record of Bagni history, and people.

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