Una notte spettacolare

On Saturday night at La Rondine Gallery in Ponte a Serraglio there was an evening of spectacular entertainment. Jake Cartwright was joined by his friends, Guy Dowsett and Henna Kaikula for a performance of original music and acrobatic brilliance. Jake and Guy provided the beautiful music and Henna amazed the audience with her charismatic contortion.





In the words of others, Henna ” has been called a graceful snakewoman and acrobat who can do anything with her body” and ” seems to be able to twist herself inside out in a playful defiance against the laws of nature.” I will add that she is also charming and engages with her audience delightfully.

I wish that she wasn’t so fast…..then I would have been able to get better photos of her performance.



The tiny gallery filled with people spilling out on to the street to see the performers. Everybody was delighted and we were all left wanting more.

I hope there are lots more evenings like this in Ponte a Serraglio.

17 thoughts on “Una notte spettacolare

  1. You are right, dear Debra! I really enjoyed the performance last Saturday, I had the same feeling…too short!! The music and the contorsionist was great! Something very new and original that you do not see so often in Bagni di Lucca, hope there will be more events like this! 🙂

  2. Let’s hope there can be many more special evenings like this round your neck of the woods Debra, just as you say. I wonder what brought them Ponte a Serraglio. Whatever it was, it sounds like you had a magical time.

  3. Jake is a wonderful artist and it is wonderful to see these young people combining their talents to bring such a spectacular event to Bagni di Lucca. Can only get better from here. I can’t wait to return.

  4. What fun and talent and what an intriguing mix – Finnish, Australian and Italian. Of course I have been known to perform the odd acrobatic leap and somersault or two myself, especially if I spy a spider in the room but I don’t think people would gather to applaud me!

  5. It was a great night and many thanks to Guy and Henna for giving their holiday time to Bagni di Lucca. Jake, Guy and Henna were so happy with the night they are looking at returning next summer to La Rondine Gallery !!!

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