Mountain springs


Bagni di Lucca is well known for its mineral springs. People have been coming to the area for centuries for the healing waters. As well as bathing in the therapeutic waters, it is possible to drink from the many springs.

There is one in Ponte a Serraglio near the passarella. I often see people stopping to fill their bottles here. Why buy bottled water from the supermarket when you can come here for delicious drinking water?





These 2 stopped by after canoeing on the river.

Sometimes the temptation to do more than drink the water is too much to resist.



This little boy had shed his clothes and was enjoying the feeling of the warm water on a lovely sunny day. His mum was watching from nearby.

12 thoughts on “Mountain springs

  1. Just as you said, Debra, the water is delicious. There are quite a few fountains all over the place, although the one that you have photographed is the best known.

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