Play tennis in Bagni di Lucca

There is a tennis club in La Villa, the main village of Bagni di Lucca. The courts operate all year. In winter there are huge covers erected to keep out the rain and cold.



I have been here since early February and it has been fun to watch these trees turn green with the arrival of spring.





Now the covers are off for the summer.



The courts are clay and some friends played there recently and said they were excellent.

The courts are for hire, with or without your own equipment.
Phone 0583 805342 for information.

30 thoughts on “Play tennis in Bagni di Lucca

    • I love those avenues of trees. They are also on the way in and out of Bagni di Lucca and they look wonderful in spring and summer when they form a tunnel along the roads.

  1. Lovely Debra. More old world glamour in Bagni di Lucca….I spied this little club when I was there with you in May, on my walks up to La Villa. Looked like they were getting it all ready for the season.

    • It operates all year. I often hear balls being hit in the middle of winter on my walks up to La Villa. It looks more inviting in summer. It would be perfect to play there on a beautiful summer evening.

  2. Another great facility available in our town. We should change its name to Bagni di “Lucky”, as we are very lucky indeed.

    • yes, I’m proud to live here, above all in the summer!!! when everywhere is hot, here you can enjoy the ari fresh of the valley!!

  3. Our club it’s not private…you can enter and enjoy the place…we have some tourist enjoying these days of tournament…they are relaxing drinking and eating something…other tourist come inside and play with friends or parents!!!

      • very nice…i spoke with some people and they keep happy to enjoy the club…they definied “so lovely”..and great because they never played on the clay!!! sorry for my terrible english but I have to improve!! 🙂

  4. chrome://newtabhttp//
    You can read about us here!!!

    • Hi Sue, we have a tournament since 20th July until 28th July, another since 29 July until 5 agoust and the last since 17th agous until 25th agoust, there are tournament organized by FIT (federation Italian tennis). If you are interested to watch them, you can go at the club, free entrance. Generally we put the draws and the timetable outside of the club. If you want play just come at the club and book or call at 0583805342 . Hoping to see you, have a nice holiday in Bagni Di Lucca.

      • Hi Filippo / Debra
        Thanks for the information – we watched the july tournament every day last year and really enjoyed it. We are in Bagni from 20th july this year and were hoping it would be the right dates for the tournament this year, so that is good news. Thanks again

  5. Hi Sue, thank you to your family to attend the tournament, and special thanks for yours photos, if you have a facebook page you can add Tennisclub Bagni di Lucca at yours friends!!! Thanks again hoping see you next year!!!! Filippo.

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