Do you like music and art?


There has been an interest in music and art in the Bagni di Lucca for centuries. The art side of things is obvious…we are surrounded by gorgeous art in the churches and museums in the area.

Puccini was born in Lucca and performed, along with many other famous musicians, in several locations in Bagni di Lucca. The appreciation of music continues in the village.

For those visiting the village this summer, local music and art aficionado, Paula Chesterman has organised art and music appreciation tours. There will be visits to Lucca and Florence with the emphasis on art and music and Puccini opera at the open air theatre in nearby Torre del Lago, where the composer lived for a time.

Paula has been involved with music and the performing arts for most of her life. She was a music teacher in England and for many years brought her students to Italy where her choir performed her own compositions in several amazing venues, including St Marks in Venice.

She came to Bagni di Lucca 6 years ago, fell in love with the village, bought a house and moved here permanently……it happens a lot. The beauty and rich history of the area has inspired her to share her knowledge and love of art with those who visit. Her daughter Jo, is also a music teacher. She lives in nearby Modena and will be assisting with the tours.


Teatro Accademico in La Villa.

Visit Paula’s website……………for more information.

10 thoughts on “Do you like music and art?

  1. Just as you said, Debra, Bagni di Lucca is a very musical town. Puccini was a very close friend of Adolfo Betti (from the local family) who was a brilliant violinist with the New York Metropolitan Opera House. It is said that Puccini composed his American themed opera, “La Fanciulla del West” in Bagni di Lucca and he was also commissioned by Adolfo Betti’s father to write a hymn, “Vexilla Regis” for the organ of San Pietro di Corsena (which is a very good one but has not been played since the 1980’s as there is no organist).
    By the way, there is a concert at the Teatro Academic, with 2 pianists and a violinist performing, this coming Sunday 15th April at 5:30 pm (details may be found at the Comune’s website)

    • Thank you for the extra information. Paula is standing in front of the poster for the concert. I am sorry I won’t be here for it . We are going to Sardinia tomorrow for a week.

    • Yes – most of” la fanciulla” (in particular act 2), was composed at the “antico albergo delle terme” in Bagni (the hotel is still there – it’s near the baths). As for “Vexilla” it was performed by two choirs in 2008 – the 150th anniversary of Puccini’s birth – in the place for which it was composed – the parish church of Corsena. I should know – I sang in one of the performances – complete with excellent organist!

  2. How exciting Debra. So glad you found this information. Puccini is my favourite opera composer. Now I know why I am so attracted to this area. Perhaps in another life…….. I do hope there is something special on during my 2 weeks in June/July. How do I find out more about Paula’s tours? I had a wonderful dinner last night at the Summit Restaurant with my friend Barbara from Paris who will be with me in BdL in June. Great to catch up and share our anticipation of Italy.

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