Il Mulino Vecchio in Fabbriche di Valico

There is an excellent restaurant in the small village of Fabbriche di Vallico, about 30 minutes from Bagni di Lucca. The food is good, local fare served by cheerful people…what more could you want?

The village is beside a small, but fast flowing river. We parked in the central car park and wandered through the village

The restaurant takes its name from the still operating flour mill, which is beside the restaurant building.

The mill dates from 1726. It still uses flowing water from the torrent to drive the machinery to make flour from chick peas, chestnuts, farro and wheat. The water flows under the mill.

We were given a tour of the mill before making our purchases. Grains are ground in different rooms.

On the ground floor is the shop where you can buy the flour.

After selecting our flour we walked next door to the restaurant. It was a cool day so we sat inside. There is an open area which would be lovely in summer.

The food is typical of the area. We enjoyed our delicious lunch and mill tour.

Fabricche di Vallico is a pretty drive from Bagni di Lucca, well worth a visit.

15 thoughts on “Il Mulino Vecchio in Fabbriche di Valico

    • There has been a bit of rain, but not enough. The torrent is quite narrow and water gushes down from above.
      It has been a strange spring…again. It is still quite cold with cloudy and windy days and bits of drizzle.

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