Ponte localita Molini

This beautiful bridge is on the road to Fabbriche di Vergemoli from Bagni di Lucca. It leads to an old mill.

It was built in the 1400s and restored in 2011.

It crosses a narrow stream.

There are signs up indicating that it is now a centre for outdoor activities, but it seems to be closed now,

It is worth a short stop to cross the bridge and look around…when we can move around more freely. There are many treasures in our area.







7 thoughts on “Ponte localita Molini

  1. I love that road! Especially the little tunnels. I know they do some canyoneering above the mill. Did you walk up the path at all? There’s a really pretty little stone bridge about 300m up. And restaurants up the road in Fabbriche are yummy! Do you know the story behind the name change? I always knew it as Fabbiche di Vallico, but now, I see Fabbriche di Vergemoli???

    • A few towns joined the same comune and now have one mayor. Vergemoli, where our mountain house is, joined with Calomini and what is now Fabbriche di Vergemoli. It was not a popular move at the time, but some of these towns have few residents, so it does make some sense to combine resources.

  2. It looks as if having a road with a bridge leading to a mill was the custom in the old times. In our case, the Ponte Vecchio existed up to the 18th Century, when it was destroyed and replaced by the current one, further down the river, which leads to La Villa and the Post office. But there is an engraving from the 18th century that shows it.

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