A new edition of Pieve di Controne

Ann Barsi is working on a new edition of the 2012 edition of Pieve di Controne, a book by Elio Carlotti on the history of the village. The 2012 edition, which was actually the second print, sold almost all 500 copies. The book sale proceeds help the Pieve parish and  those looking for their Pieve roots.

This edition would like to include more family pages, so anyone with a story to tell is encouraged to take a page in the book. It helps to make the book more personal with individual stories of the village and interesting tales of descendants’ lives, past and present.The Family Page could be your own family story, a family tree, photos and stories of life in the village.

Here are some examples of family pages.

You can help in 3 ways, pre-order the book, buy a Family Page or donate any amount.The books will cost €25 and a Family Page is €150.

For more information please contact Ann Barsi…abarsi@verizon.net

8 thoughts on “A new edition of Pieve di Controne

    • Hi Diana
      My Great Grandfather Rafaello Tei was from Bagni di Lucca & used to sell ice cream in Preston (the picture in the book shows my mum aboard the ice cream cart). My Grandfather Alexander Aird took over the ice cream business after this and mum says he used to sell on the corner of the market square in Preston opposite the post office and the museum. She would help him on special occasions and holidays with the wafers. How lovely you remember! Did you go to school in Preston? What’s your connection with Pieve di Controne? I look forward to hearing from you

  1. Frank, I’d like to think it’ll be published and available in America by June. Getting copies to Italy might be delayed by the pandemic. I’m already accepting pre-publication book purchases, as this helps with the printing costs. Contact me directly at Abarsi@verizon.net for more details.

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