A new bar for Montefegatesi

It is always sad news when there are closures in the villages of Bagni di Lucca. The wonderful bar in Montefegatesi closed recently but the residents didn’t take long to fix the situation.

A bar is an important part of these small villages. It is not just a place to have coffee or an aperitivo, it is a place to meet friends, exchange news, have some fun and be part of a community. It is certainly where I met people who became friends and got to know about Bagni di Lucca life when I first came to the area 15 years ago.

The local Circolo in Montefegatesi has been renovated and now houses a brand new bar, which opened recently.




Top marks to the people of Montefegatesi for taking matters into their own hands and congratulations on the excellent new bar.

Thank you Lizzy Ashard for providing the photos of the new bar.

6 thoughts on “A new bar for Montefegatesi

  1. That is good news – I loved the old bar with that lovely character – I think a former American guy? Have I got this right – he was so great but good to hear they have a bar – so much a part of Italian life

  2. Hi Debra, we made it to Bagni di Lucca and as promised we watered your flowers on the bridge. As we were returning your watering can we met your Australian friend Paul, a very nice person, who was happy that we’re helping him. Thanks for your blog. We’ve learned a lot. We’ll be here until the end of September. Joann

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