Ancient forest

If you drive, or walk, past Montefegatesi on the way to Orrido di Botri you will find yourself in another world. Ancient forests of chestnut, oak and beech trees shrouded in mist seem from another time and place. It wouldn’t have surprised me if a goblin had dashed out from a hollow tree.

Chestnut forest


Chestnut forestChestnut forest

Chestnut forest

Chestnut forest

There are the remains of stone metati, chestnut drying huts, unused for decades.

Chestnut forest

Chestnut forest

Chestnut forest

If only the trees could talk and share their stories of the people who once lived and worked here, hard lives, but at times it must have been a beautiful place to work.

I think the trees look beautiful on a cold winter day, but I will be back in spring to see them again when the green leaves appear.


10 thoughts on “Ancient forest

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  2. Looks eerie but fascinating, we’ll have a look. You take some brill pics. Could’ve filmed the ‘Blair Witch Project’ here. Thanks Debra

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