The passerella, walking bridge, was built in Ponte a Serraglio in 2009. It was controversial at the time. Many residents thought it was a waste of money and there were more important things to spend money on.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

That may be so, but I love the passerella. We park our car in the car park beside Villa Fiori and take what we call the scenic route across the walking bridge and along the river to our apartment. It is much more pleasant than walking along the narrow street on the other side.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

As well as offering a pretty walk across the river it is a great spot to take photos of the river and Ponte a Serraglio.

Passerella Ponte a Serraglio

12 thoughts on “Passerella

  1. I think that the “passerella” has been named after the 19th Century architect Giuseppe Pardini, who designed the Casino and the Grand Hotel de Russia. There is a plaque at the Villa Fiori end of the passerella.
    In spite of all the arguments, it is a great asset for the town.

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