Art in Vico Pancellorum

Vico Pancellorum has hosted an art event every year.

The beautiful church at the top of the village makes the perfect venue. The walk up from the bottom is worth the effort for the view alone.

Some of the old doorways and windows along the path would make good art subjects.

There was a large crowd in the church.

It is good to see these lovely old churches open.

There was an excellent choice of art on display.

Thank you Moe for taking the photos so we could share the event.




6 thoughts on “Art in Vico Pancellorum

  1. Lovely setting and some interesting art – I like the picture of the feet and the little clay figures. I gather Europe has had a really hot summer this year.

  2. Vivo Pancellorum has a very strong connection with the arts. It is nice to see these exhibitions taking place.

  3. Sorry to have missed the event. Do you know of any galleries locally where we could purchases artworks from? We have seen through the window of the gallery at Ponte a Serraglio but it never seems to be open.

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