San Cassiano War Memorial

The War Memorial in San Cassiano has been lovingly restored. Too many lives were lost from the area. It is heart breaking to see the list of the names of those who died fighting.

Bands played, crowds came…people of all ages, there were speeches, there was food and there was rain.

I saw the restored monument last week and it is looking great. It is clear that these men will not be forgotten.

I wasn’t there today, as I am now on my way back to Australia for a few months. Thank you to Paul Anthony Davies for allowing me to share his wonderful photos.

9 thoughts on “San Cassiano War Memorial

  1. Great to see that these memorials are being restored. A fitting homage to those who lost their lives for their country.

  2. Many thanks for this lovely article Debra.
    The work was a collaboration of restoration funds from a bank, much work from the locals including myself who cut the trees, grass, tidied up the area, cleaned the old cement from the top of the lower wall and also removed the cement from between the stones. Workers from the Commune then , re-pointed the walls and also laid the stone on the lower wall. It looks great now , and shows that if we can all work together it improves everything. Yes it did rain….noooo it absolutely threw it down by the bucket load !!!
    Many , many thanks to all the people who got involved in this project in various capacities , too numerous to mention.
    As we say in Manchester #weallstandtogether

  3. We were impressed by this little village and its memorial when we visited in May. Btw, Debra, we also had coffee in the Cafe Catene, and a lunch by the Ponte Serraglio. We loved the whole area. Thank you so much for introducing us to it.

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