Then and now…Hotel de Russie

Thus wonderful old building was once the grand Hotel de Russie. It was designed by Giuseppe Pardini.

Now the building has 6 apartments. I love the balconies on the front.


17 thoughts on “Then and now…Hotel de Russie

  1. We have the ground floor apartment with the garden beside the church and we love it. Would be nice to see it brought back to it’s former glory and painted. I’m intrigued to learn about the original hotel layout and believe that there might be some drawings at the archives in Lucca. Hope someday to follow this through.

  2. Hi Debra one of my favorite – feeling rather home sick – 6 weeks and counting sorry you will be gone before we arrive – Wendy SA

  3. It is a beautiful building. I guess that its occupation by the Nazi forces and also the terrible things that went on inside, as people were tortured there, sealed its fate as a hotel. Also, the Casino closed in the early 50’s, so the obvious thing was to convert it into apartments. I would also love to see it renovated, but it is up to the owners. Perhaps they could get some subsidies as it is a historical building. I think that they should get together and find out. It would be a worthwhile project.

  4. This is such an interesting building…the idea of help to restore the outside is a good one. Perhaps access to the roof to allow the satellite dishes to be positioned up there would also enhance the look from the street.

  5. We always wondered about the history of this interesting building. Thank you Debra. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own an apartment there, so near the shops and activities.

    • It has an interesting history. I have written a couple of posts about it. We almost bought here, but instead bought just around the corner closer to the river. We have a lovely view of the river and the little piazza.

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