A wet day at Devil’s Bridge

I took this photo of the wonderful Ponte della Maddelena through the windscreen of the car. (I wasn’t driving).

It is a pity there isn’t a footpath on the road near the bridge. It could be done. A small foot path could be built beside the road, over the river. It would make a great viewing platform.  I tried walking along the road once…never again!

Here are a few photos I have taken of the fabulous bridge over the years.

I took the photos below years ago with my first digital camera. It must have been 2004. The conditions were perfect.

Whatever the season the bridge looks great.

The bridge was decorated for the 150th anniversary if the unification of Italy.

The bridge always looks stunning. Fortunately it never changes…everything around it does.

16 thoughts on “A wet day at Devil’s Bridge

  1. We all keep striving for that perfect photo of the beautiful bridge we love – you’ve nailed it

  2. My friend Giorgio Mazzolini and his brother Roberto from Borgo a Mozzano told me that 20 odd years ago that they both drove over the bridge in a fiat cinque cento before the concrete bollards were installed.

  3. I love the rain-soaked shot of the Bridge, Debra! The photos you take of Ponte della Maddelena is like an art form, always beautiful at any angle. Brings back wonderful memories of walking over the Bridge to the other side and exploring the village.

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