Bernabo Spa

The beautiful Bernabo Spa has opened for business. A cosmetic company from Milan visited and fell in love with the elegant old building. Their main interest was the therapeutic water, but when they saw the wonderful marble baths they realised that it would be a great place for them to operate a small spa.

Bernabo Spa

The treatment rooms.

Barnabo Spa

Bernabo Spa

Bernabo Spa

The baths…individual marble baths.

Bernabo Spa

…and the deep, walk in bath.

Barnabo Spa

Barnabo Spa

The source of the thermal water.

Barnabo Spa

As well as the thermal baths they offer massage, manicures, pedicure, facials and much more. Drop in and take a look and make an appointment for a special treatment.

Bernabo Spa

It’s great that the spa has opened. Bagni di Lucca once had 12 operating spas. This one was a favourite of Elisa Bacciocchi, Napoleon’s sister and Princess of Lucca in the early 1800s. Tell all your friends, share this on Facebook, have a treatment, let’s support this new venture.

Hours…Tuesday -Saturday 9.30am – 7.30pm

Bernabo Spa…Via Bagni Caldi 36. Ponte a Serraglio.

Tel. 0583 1808020


Update…The Bernabo Spa is now closed.


10 thoughts on “Bernabo Spa

  1. If they are open next Feb/Mar when we visit we will look forward to booking some treatments. Thanks Debra for letting us know about this new business venture in Ponte a Serraglio.

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