A little tower

Opposite the Villa Fiori car park in Ponte a Serraglio is a little tower hidden in the trees.

Little tower Ponte a Serraglio

Little tower Ponte a Serraglio


Little tower Ponte a Serraglio

It needs a little love and attention, like many things around here.

Does anyone know anything about the tower?

9 thoughts on “A little tower

  1. indeed a lovely “tower”; is is not a tower but “una bellissima limonaia, ormail abandonata . Nello stile neogotico.”
    I tried to buy this ‘limonaia’ some years ago with the only purpose to save and recover this jewel of a great past. Asking a sky-high price the owner obviously prefers to let collapse at the same time the “tower” ├índ the glorious reputation of this village. A pity and a shame.

  2. A “limonaia” is a greenhouse or conservatory where delicate plants such as lemon or orange trees were kept during the winter months. This was obviously one of the independent buildings which were part of the Villa Fiori manor house. Although the main Villa belongs to Council, some of the other buildings, such as the gardener’s house and others, including some land, have been purchased by private owners. For this reason, a community restoration project will not get many, if any volunteers. On the other hand, we have to acknowledge that the Buonvisi Palace, also known as Villa Webb, which is owned by Council, has been carefully restored and looked after by the Vicaria Val di Lima, the balestrieri’s historical society and there are also quite a few projects, such as the replanting of the Villa Ada and Contessa Casalini’s parks which have been carried out by community volunteers. But then, they are not privately owned…

    • This is privately owned and neglected. There are some excellent volunteer projects in La Villa and the Borgo degli Artisti does a good job at Ponte a Serraglio, but there is generally a lack of community spirit at Ponte, which I find disappointing.

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