Inaugural Ponte a Serraglio meatball competition

Today Paul Stoker, local resident, hosted the very first Ponte a Serraglio meatball competition.

There were 14 competitors and three worthy judges.

This is the trophy awaiting the lucky winner.

Meatball comp

Here is Paul registering the competitors.

Meatball comp

Each competitor was given a numbered plate on which 2 meatballs would be presented to the judges. Here is the criteria for the judges…serious stuff.

Meatball comp

The meatballs were heated in the kitchen and placed on the plates and taken to the judges…not by the competitors, it was all anonymous.

Meatball comp

Here are the judges setting to their work.

Meatball comp

The competitors and other guests waited patiently for the judges to complete their task.

Meatball comp

Then it was time to eat the meatballs.

Finally it was time to announce the winners. Third prize, I am happy to say, came to me. Teri came second and the winner…Paul Stoker.

Meatball comp

Meatball comp

Meatball comp

Meatball comp

Meatball comp

This may seem a little unusual, but Paul’s meatballs were delicious and the judges had no idea who made them.

It was a fun afternoon…and we will all be practising to beat Paul next year.

30 thoughts on “Inaugural Ponte a Serraglio meatball competition

  1. Congratulations to all. I did not know about the competition either. Next year, I also plan to enter….

  2. What great fun! Never a dull moment in Ponte! Congratulations on getting on the podium, and lovely to see a photo of you Debra, as always, glamorous and gorgeous 😊

  3. What a fun event – trust it will be the first of many meatball comps. I think anyone would be very proud to take that fabulous trophy home!!! Congratulations to Paul…wish we had been there to try all the delicious looking meatballs. Deb, could you please say hi to Paul for us….his garden is looking lovely.

  4. Well there’s an idea for a fun afternoon..well done on third place..perhaps you could post the recipe if it’s not a family secret!!!

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