Shelley House

La Villa has a delightful new addition to the shopping scene.  Shelley House is an art gallery and book shop. It packs a lot into a tiny space.

They stock a good range of fiction, poetry, Italian Art, Opera, Italian recipe books, local history…in several languages. There are also books about Shelley, Keats and English poets who visited Bagni di Lucca.

Shelley House is a special place where you can find and buy works of art by painters and sculptors. If you are an artist they can organise and exhibition for you.

Meet Luca Guidi and Rebecca Palagi…drop in to say hello.

Shelley House

Shelley House is at number 78 Via Umberto I. It is open Thursday to Saturday 9.30 am until 6.00pm.

Shelley House

17 thoughts on “Shelley House

  1. It’s Rebecca Palagi. They are also writers, actors and publishers. We hope you’ve bought a copy of our new book Septet, which their cinque marzo publishing house has recently issued! Luca and Rebecca also run the viareggio and bagni di Lucca Shelley festival

  2. Excelente news! This is the type of initiatives that Bagni di Lucca needs, And the Shelley Festival events are a great addition to the cultural offer. I wish Luca and Rebecca lots of success.

  3. How exciting!!!! I’m a huge fan of the English Romantic poets and had imagined their visits to Bagni do Lucca but did not know exactly where they lived. I hope the bookshop will still be there at my next visit! I saw the Shelly House next to the Spanish Steps in Romeand the bedroom where Keats took his last breath. It was like visiting another era, the ghosts of the past. An unique moment for me.

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