Alighiero and friend

We have a delightful man at Ponte a Serraglio who takes care of the wild ducks on the river. Until recently we also had a white duck and a goose. The duck has been around as long as I have been coming to the village, but he died not long ago, leaving just the goose.

Fortunately he has Alighiero to make sure he is not lonely.




I hope you all have at least one good friend like Alighiero. Have a happy and healthy 2014…see you in Bagni di Lucca one day soon.

16 thoughts on “Alighiero and friend

  1. What a caring gentleman! We all should take the time to be so caring. I hope Alighiero continues with other wildlife.

  2. We feed the ducks who come to our area of the river and two years ago we also had a goose. We nicknamed him “Pavarotti! As he used to literally “sing” to let us know that he was waiting for his food. The following year he was not there and he is not the one at Ponte a Serraglio. I guess that he must have died…

    • The poor goose is not all that bright. He often sits gazing at his reflection in the window of one of the buildings beside the river. I think he needs a feathered friend as well as Alighiero.

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