The end of an era

When I arrived in Ponte a Serraglio last week I was very disappointed to learn that the Barber Shop has closed.

I used to love watching the men lined up there every day for a chat and a haircut or shave.


I don’t know how long Valter had been there, providing what I thought was an essential service in the village, but I think it is quite a while.

He has retired to spend his time enjoying his other interests, including his art.

Apparently Valter tried to find someone to take over, but nobody was interested. In these times of under employment I am surprised and disappointed about this.

Valter, you will be missed.


Click here to see an earlier, and happier post about Valter.

10 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. Sad that another small essential service has disappeared but now he’s hung up his scissors what a lovely place to spend his retirement

  2. This is a very common problem nowadays. The owner retires and nobody wants to take over. Probably, the younger generations think that barbers are a thing of the past…

  3. It’s really sad and Walter never told me! One day he even trimmed my wife’s hair. Walter is a true artist and i hope this retirement will give him time to paint more and also play his guitar more

  4. What a sad event. Like you, my first reaction was would’nt someone like a job.
    If the price and service is right its possible to sell anything to anyone. I’m amazed that an enterprising young italian has not come forward – who know’s maybe a local person will.
    Perhaps its just early days yet?

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