The opening celebrations for the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival

The first Bagni di Lucca Art Festival was officially opened with a party at Ponte a Serraglio. Several of the shops in the main street have been renovated and are now home to visiting artists.

On Saturday night the road was closed and there was a wonderful street party.



The artists exhibiting for the first weeks include…
Giuseppe del Debbio
Christian Gironda
Melissa Moore
Gianmarco Caselli
Jacolo da San Martino
Selby Hickey
David Finkbeiner
Michael Hanning


Thank you to my lovely friends Kerry and Moira for taking photos for us. I wish I had been there to join in the fun. I’m sure the next couple of months are going to be exciting in Ponte a Serraglio.

Congratulations to Jaqueline and her team for a successful opening to a very welcome event. For more information on the Art Festival please take a look at their

Bagni di Lucca’s Art Festival

Bagni di Lucca is set to host a brand new Art Festival this summer. In the sunny months of July, August and September Ponte a Seraglio will be filled with performance artists, painters, sculptors and photographers.

Meet part of the organizing team.


From the left…Jaqueline, Ira, our Sindaco Dottore Betti and Jake.

With the help of our Sindaco (mayor), our beautiful venues, such as the Teatro Accademico, the Casino, the Sala Parrocchiale and others will be filled with exciting performance artists. Click here to see more on the Casino and here for the Teatro Accademico.




As well as this, artists will be able to display their collections of art work in some of the unused shops in the main street of Ponte a Serraglio at no cost. One of the best aspects of this is that the local people are getting involved in the clean up and renovation of these lovely shops, some of which have been empty for decades.

It is absolutely wonderful to see people working together to make the village more beautiful and to provide a welcome space for the artists.

A particularly exciting part if the festival will be provided by the very talented (and charming) Ira Seidenstein. Ira has been involved in the theatre since 1973 as an actor, director, playwright and choreographer. He also has extensive experience in clown theatre. Among other things he has worked with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil as a performer and teacher.


It is in his capacity as a teacher that he will be involved in the Art Festival. Ira has conducted workshops in London, Paris, Auckland , Barcelona and is now on his way to Vienna and Malmo, Sweden to continue. He has also conducted workshops in Brisbane where he now lives. (it is indeed a small world, he lives just minutes from our house in West End)

Ira will be conducting a workshop the last week in August and the first week of September, with a performance to follow in conjunction with the Art Festival. He was in town recently to look at suitable venues, and was delighted with what Bagni di Lucca has to offer. How lucky we are that someone of his calibre is involved with our very first Art Festival.

Check out his website…you will be impressed.

Top marks to Jaqueline and Jake for getting the festival off the ground. Everybody is invited to take part in whatever way possible…as an artist, helper, renovator or perhaps, most importantly as a spectator.


Please look at the Art Festival’s website and be involved in this exciting event in Bagni di Lucca.