Exhibition open

The artists’ exhibition is open at the casino in Ponte a Serraglio.

Here is a list of artists showing their work.

Casino exhibition

…a selection at the entrance and the main room of the casino.

Casino exhibition

Casino exhibition

Casino exhibition

Find 9 faces in this painting.

Casino exhibition

In the second room is a selection of photographs.

Casino exhibition

I was happy to see my friend Tina.

Casino exhibition

…and Annalisa from Bar Italia. Where would Ponte be without her and her team?

Casino exhibition

The small room.

Casino exhibition

Casino exhibition

Casino exhibition

I hope you will all visit over the next week.

Women's Day event

5 thoughts on “Exhibition open

  1. A good collection of artwork which shows local creativity. The Casino is the ideal place for these events. Very good photo of Annalisa, she should have it hanging in the Bar.

  2. Hi Debra from Jill at New Farm. Just sent you a comment but I don’t think it got to you.I have enrolled in the Lucca Language School from April 9 to 20 and would like to visit Ponte Di Seraglio April 14/15. Can’t find out if buses go there and back over the weekend. Can you advise me? Also the Villa Rosalena you recommended isn’t suitable with my mobility issues. Can you recommend somewhere else in town near the river?CheersJillSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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