British food at Catene Cafe

This is good news for the British expats in Bagni di Lucca…you can now get your British supplies from Paolo at Catene Cafe in Fornoli.

Catene Cafe

You can order online at Richmond’s British Food Shop and your goodies will be sent to Paolo, saving you a trip to Viareggio. He has a few supplies at the cafe.

Catene Cafe

Catene Cafe

Call in to see Paolo and he will tell you all about it.

Paolo at Catene Cafe

12 thoughts on “British food at Catene Cafe

  1. Wow , thanks a great team up , I’m well impressed and a great initiative !
    Great to see that they have Heinz salad cream in stock , the Italians don’t know what they are missing with this.

    • I can see the appeal. When you are here for a long time you long for some familiar food. I really miss good Asian food when I am in Italy. The first thing I do when I get back to Australia is look for some Thai food. Italian is great, but a change is good too.

  2. Nice! We have a British store near me which is always great fun to visit. Plus, some of our local stores have a specialty aisle with British food. I like to tease my British friends that the colonies have now become quite civilized with Cadbury’s chocolate and other treats. 😀

  3. Uggh! British food. The only things I miss here is Stilton and cheddar cheeses but then, there are so many fantastic Italian cheeses I hardly miss them. I might step into Lucca’s Sri Lankan shops to get myself a pot of marmite from time to time and a ginger beer, however….

  4. Special thanks go to Kevin who gave me the heads-up on this ideal location when Tara of Richmond Foods asked us where she could sell her products near Bagni! Tara (who is a New Yorker) has lots of great Anglo foods (not just British) and what you don’t find at Catene Cafe you can order from her Viareggio store. By the way, Grapevine magazine is now on sale in Fornoli at the newsstand “Edicola Serra” (just beyond La Ruota Restaurant if you are heading towards the train station).

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