Rent a mountain bike

While attending a wonderful performance at the Teatro Accademico a few days ago I spotted  a doorway between the theatre and Hotel Regina.

Mountain bike hire

Mountain bike hire

I think it is new and it will be of great interest to anyone who wishes to rent a mountain bike. There are dozens of trails through the forests around Bagni di Lucca and I’m sure mountain biking would be a great thing to do here.

Mountain bike hire

If you have no desire to go biking this post will be of no interest to you at all. There will be something else soon.

16 thoughts on “Rent a mountain bike

  1. I think that it is a good addition to services offered in the region. I wish them luck and plenty of clients!

  2. Sad to say Deb but the last time I attempted to ride a bicycle in France….I fell off and went splat!

    But for those not ‘balanced’ challenged a great idea for sure!

    Hope your garden is progressing beautifully…..gorgeous ‘spring-like’ weather here at last!!!!



  3. This is fantastic news Debra, thanks for sharing, looking forward to discovering more of the area, will be paying them a visit on our next trip.

  4. Even though I’m unlikely to need to hire a mountain bike any time 😉 soon I love seeing these fresh ideas springing up in Italy. There is soooo much potential in these small towns especially!

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