A view spoiled

One of the best places to get a view of Ponte a Serraglio is from the litte square in front of the Bernabo baths.

Bernabo baths

Ponte a Serraglio

Many of my favourite photos have been taken from there. I have been admiring the view for 12 years. In the foreground you can see the top of the acacia trees (the bright green ones) which are now threatening to obscure the view.

Ponte a Serraglio

This is the view now. The acacias have not been trimmed for a few years and they have become very high.

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

These are the offending trees.

Ponte a Serraglio

Right now the view is not too bad because the crop of acacia trees that has sprung up is free of leaves, but soon spring will be here and the view will be completely obstructed.

I have tried asking who owns the land the trees are growing on, but I have had no luck. Does anyone out there know who to approach to have the trees cut?

It would be a real pity if these pesky trees are allowed to keep growing and ruining one of our best views.

8 thoughts on “A view spoiled

  1. It may be important to keep them for their erosion-control properties; however, they need trimming. Has someone contacted Council on the matter?

    • They probably do need to be there, but for the first time in 12 years they have been left to grow. They need a serious trim. I tried asking around when I was here in October, but nobody seemed to know anything about them, nor were they interested.

  2. Have similar problem in my village. Owners don’t want to spend the money on tree trimming. If one could find out who the owner is through the maps and the catasto, perhaps they would give permission to have it done by others. I haven’t found a solution to what is definitely a problem in the area. It’s truly a shame to have such gorgeous views obstructed.

    • It is really irritating. It would cost very little to keep this area clean. What really annoys me is that nobody nearby seems to care at all. It is riciulous to say they don’t know who owns the land. They have lived here all their lives.

  3. Oh no…this does not sound good Deb. My experience with Brisbane councils is that they are extremely loathe to cut/trim trees for quite a number of reasons. One has to convince them the trees/shrubs are noxious weeds!! Not sure what Italian councils are like. May be a challenge!

    Do your research…then pitch a good case for their removal/trim. All the best.



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