Belinda’s Home of Artisans pop-up shop

Meet Belinda, the face behind Home of Artisans, a market place for beautiful handcrafted objects for your home.


Belinda has created a pop-up shop in Ponte a Serraglio in conjunction with the Bagni di Lucca Art Festival which opened with a bang on 4th July.

Along with the artists taking part in the festival, the pop-up shop is in one of the resurrected shops at Ponte a Serraglio. It is wonderful to see the area come to life.


Take a look at some of the work of the artisans that Belinda has sourced from all over the world.









The opening night celebrations were a great success.


Belinda closes her shop after a busy and successful day.


The pop-up shop will be open for the entire 6 weeks of the festival, plenty of time to visit and find something special for your home.

Take a look at the website for much more information.

I am back in Australia for a while and missed the fun, but fortunately Francis Pettit was there and I can see his report on his blog…you can too. Take a look here.

15 thoughts on “Belinda’s Home of Artisans pop-up shop

  1. So happy to see this post. I can imagine how wonderful the town could be again with more of these artisan boutiques and quirky galleries… It could become quite a destination.

  2. A beautiful collection presented in a very tasteful way. I only wish that the Festival could be a non-stop, continuous one, or that it would last from June to October every year.

  3. It was looking good & was sorry to miss the opening but had organized to go to Henley on Thames for the Royal Regatta which was great fun

  4. What a great idea. It’s clear from your photos that the goods for sale are top quality. At the end of the day people do like to buy nice things for their home – i’m sure Belinda will do well.

  5. Well done Belinda! Beautiful products beautiful presentation! Marvelous hostessssss! I hope you sell enough to come back next year so I can see all this for real. Take care sweet!

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