Annalisa’s flash new workmate

Annalisa from Il Monaco has a brand new coffee machine.


I noticed it as soon as I walked into the bar. I look forward to many more cappuccini at Il Monaco.


I’m sure the coffee tasted even better this morning. Call in next time you are in Ponte a Serraglio and try one yourself.

22 thoughts on “Annalisa’s flash new workmate

  1. Thats a good coffee they already serve – looks like it just got a whole lot better.
    I remember being sat outside Il Monaco in August 2012, and the electronic temperature reader on the wall outside the Pharmacia read 43c. Warmish.

  2. We had two cappuccini this morning and two machiatti this afternoon. Can’t get enough of them! Delicious!

  3. Yes, the coffee machine caught my eye also, great looking machine and so is Annalisa. I will continue to enjoy my daily coffee there for the next 2 weeks.

  4. That machine sure looks very fancy!! Anna Lisa makes the best coffee in Italy ! I do miss her lovely coffees and fresh, scrumptious sforglias during those Il Monaco morning gatherings. Something to look forward to next time we return to Ponte Serraglio.

  5. Good on you Annalisa! Love to taste the new doppio Americano (one espresso and one americano in one tazza, but every operator calls it a different name 😉

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