Italy Magazine Blog Awards

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate and vote for Bella Bagni di Lucca in the Italy Magazine Blog Awards. I am happy to announce that your efforts have been rewarded and Bella Bagni di Lucca won the Best Single Travel Post with a post I wrote about Lucchio, one of the many gorgeous villages that make up Bagni di Lucca.

Thank you also to Italy Magazine (click here to see the winners) for conducting the awards and giving Italy bloggers recognition. It is fun writing a blog, especially when the subject is as wonderful as Italy. There is a never ending source of material to write about and photograph. There is enough in Bagni di Lucca to keep me busy for years to come.

I hope those who are new to the blog will look back through the archives and get to know Bagni di Lucca. Perhaps it will be on your list of places to travel to when you next visit Italy.

There is a lot more on Bagni di Lucca and the rest of glorious Italy on my other blog, Bagni di Lucca and Beyond, which I have been writing for almost 5 years. My love affair with Bagni di Lucca began 10 years ago when we bought our apartment at Ponte a Serraglio.

I started the blog to share our beautiful village with friends. It developed a life of its own and spread to include all my travels, so I started Bella Bagni di Lucca 2 years ago to focus just on our area.

I have travelled to most of the villages and hamlets that make up Bagni di Lucca and have met lots of wonderful people along the way. I have taken thousands of photos, something I had not really done before. Writing the blog has made me more observant and curious about what I see and eager to learn more about my adopted town.

Thank you again for choosing Bella Bagni di Lucca. I love to hear from you and it would be great if you leave the odd comment or suggestion about what you would like to know about Bagni di Lucca.

Here are just a few of the thousands of photos I have taken of Bagni di Lucca.

54 thoughts on “Italy Magazine Blog Awards

  1. Well done and extremely well deserved! Although I am only relatively new to both your websites, I have devoured all archives will great pleasure. I had not heard of Bagni di Lucca before this, despite being a junkie for all things Italian and having visited twice ( going again this year) It was also a lovely surprise to know that you are a fellow Brisbanite! The combination of your warm hearted stories with an amazing photographic vision makes for the best reading. Because of your blog I am looking forward to visiting in the near future.

  2. Congratulations Debra. I will continue to look at your posts and dream of my visit there. Don’t think I can make it again but looking at your posts are a great alternative.

  3. Congratulations Debra! You deserved it! I love your blog about Bagni di Lucca. We are coming to Bagni for more than 20 years. We can’t come every year but we feel a bit at home when I read your stories and see your photo’s of this lovely place. Perhaps you can visit Il Paretaio the next time you are in Bagni. There are a lot of things to tell about this place. In early times it was a very famous cafè!

  4. Dear Debbra, congratulations !! Thank you for your efforts. All Bagni must be proud of you and thankful. We shall see you in March !
    Agostino and Carla

  5. Congratulations, Debra. Your blog helps me to get through the long winter. Our timing is always off but I do hope one day to meet you in person. Bagni di Lucca area has been a part of me all of my life and it’s great to see it appreciated and recognized. I guess the secret is out now! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for letting me see so many wonderful pictures and become familiar with “Bagni di lucca, where my dear grandmother was born. Her name was “Maria Domanzina Mandorlena Barsotti ” and she was born in “Pieve di Controne” in 1981. Congratulations to you and Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

    • I have been to Pieve di Controne, but it hasn’t appeared on the blog yet. I will go in spring and take some photos. I am pleased to have been able to bring some of your grandmother’s home to you.

  7. Congratulations Debra, well deserved. Your blogs have been an inspiration in the months waiting for the time of our visit to arrive. Not long now, see you in April.

  8. Im so pleased your hard work and effort has been rewarded, as much as it must be lots of fun to do its nice when we our efforts are recognised. Thank you for sharing so much info in the area of Bagni Di Lucca, we visited last May and fell in love, I look forward to your blogs it brightens up my lunch hour at work.

  9. Debra!! A very heartfelt congratulations on your award! You really deserved this one! It’s always, always a pleasure to see your photos and read your stories. I’m so very happy for you! Keep up your beautiful work–you’ll be doing all of us a huge favor!

  10. Debra, congratulations for the beautiful photos of Bagni di Lucca and all the villiages. You are doing an outstanding job. Your photos bring back a lot of memories from when I was a child living a Pieve di Monti di Villa. Keep up the good work, best wishes from the far west. Armando Lucchesi

  11. Congratulations Debra! And so deserved. Your photos are amazing and your stories wonderful. Thank you for sharing your efforts and experiences.

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