Meet Rosaly and Christian from Villa Talenti


Rosaly and Christian recently bought 2 apartments in Villa Talenti in Ponte a Serraglio, on the way to Bagni Caldi.

Rosaly is from Brazil, of Italian parents and Christian is from Norway. They met in Italy, lived in Brazil, then Norway and had a dream to live in Italy. Their dream came true last year when they moved to Bagni di Lucca with their young daughter to begin their new life. I think is it great that we have people from all over the world living happily in our little community. Everybody who comes brings something extra to the village.

Villa Talenti is a centuries old building, originally one house, but now converted to apartments. It sits on the side of the hill above Ponte a Serraglio and has spectacular views over the mountains and the Lima valley. It is within easy walking distance from Ponte a Serraglio and the Thermal baths for which the area is famous.

Rosaly and Christian’s apartments are available for rent. Take a look at the website for details.



The views from Villa Talenti are spectacular.



There are garden terraces for relaxing in the sun and a new pool for the summer.




Kiwi, the resident cat, enjoying the garden.

16 thoughts on “Meet Rosaly and Christian from Villa Talenti

  1. Rosaly is an extremely enthusiastic advocate for Bagni di Lucca and the surrounding areas. Have enjoyed communicating with her online and look forward to meeting her in person very soon.

  2. I love your international community there in Bagni di Lucca Debra. I really had no idea. I know I keep saying it, but its so nice to see these stories, now that I’ve actually been there. You must be missing your mountains, just a little…

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