Eat well in Fornoli

Fornoli is the first village of Bagni di Lucca you come to if you arrive from the direction of Lucca. It is a commercial centre, with lots of shops, cafes, banks etc. It is also where the train arrives in Bagni di Lucca.


The old station at Bagni di Lucca. There is a newer one now, and it has recently been renovated.

In spring and summer the tiglio trees form a lovely tunnel in the main street in Fornoli.


In early spring there is a gorgeous magnolia tree that blooms for a few precious weeks every year.


Our favourite place to eat in Fornoli is La Ruota, in the main street above a bar.

The food is great, take a look.

Tagliata is always good at La Ruota.


And the chicken.


And the ribs.


The vegetables are good too.


Who can resist sweets?



The service is brisk and friendly and the decor very pleasant, it’s great, you should try it.

Ristorante La Ruota….Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 29/B, Fornoli

Closed Monday …….Ph. 0583 805919

17 thoughts on “Eat well in Fornoli

  1. Thank you Debra , another one added to the list for October.
    Thank God for the walking trails , other ways we would
    come back with an extra 10 Kg

  2. I just can’t show Marabella that glorious tagliata, Debra. I wouldn’t be right…it’s her favourite and she would find her way into my suitcase for sure! I can see why it would be your favourite place to eat. That shot with the old station graphics is gorgeous.

  3. The owner is the cousin of Andrea who owns Mulino Vecchio in Castlenuovo & sang Nessun Dorma for us on Saturday night. Agree food is great

  4. We ate at La Ruota in June. Beautiful restaurant upstairs above La Ruota bar, which is very good in itself for frappe’s

    We arrived too late to order from the menu so the owner asked if if we would like a selection primi piatti. Wow! a feast was brought to our table. Crostini, various formaggi, meats and salads, including farro salad which was delicious.

    Thanks for the tip Debra.

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